Improved Construction Methods Inc. is the name of our company. This name suggests our main objective which is to provide the construction contractor or municipality with the very latest and best in construction tools, equipment and methods of construction. Not only are we committed to offering the latest and best construction methods and equipment, we are also committed to exceeding your expectations in quality and service. Call the ICM Sales Associate in your area and give us a chance to be of service. We have offices throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. In some areas, we subcontract manholes, wet wells and catch basins using our ICM Monolithic Manhole forms. We also offer Rehab service on old manholes, wet wells, sewer and water treatment plant structures along with concrete and earthen dams. This service consists of stopping leaks and coating walls with cementitious and or epoxy coatings to add years of life to old underground structures.

Sincerely, Bruce McFadden, President & CEO


Select Products Include


Diamond Saw Blades


Core Bits

Poweram 1915

Directional Boring

MQ RW1515MI33

Compaction Equipment

SalaLift II

Confined Space Equipment


Fall Protection

MQ Duoscreen

Concrete Power Tools

ICS 695 F4 Ductile Iron

Concrete/Ductile Chain Saws

BW Gasmonitor Gas Alert Micro Clip XT

Gas Detectors



EAGL 2000

Construction Lasers

Grade Control

Depth Control Lasers


Grade Lasers


Pipe Lasers


Light Towers


Pipe & Cable Locators

Muni Ball

Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Single Size Flow Through Plugs

Flow Thru Plugs

T Hahnle Gripper

Mechanical Plugs

Hub Fit Gripper

Gripper Plugs


Portable Generators


Water Pumps


Submersible Pumps


Trash Pumps

Roof Anchor Kit

Safety Harnesses


Sewer Cameras

USB Pipe Wolf Nozzle

Sewer Nozzles

OBrien Trailer Jetting 7040-SC

Sewer Jetters

Aquatech F10 F15 Series

Jetter/Vacuum Trucks

GeoMax Total Station Zoom 80 Series

Survey Equipment


Hydrostatic Test Pumps

Geflection Gauge

Pipe Deflection Mandrels

Air Lock Joint Tester

Joint Testers


Smoke Testing

Air Loc Man Hole Bladder Style Tester

Manhole Vacuum Testing


Air Pressure Testing

GeoMax Zoom 20

Total Stations

6M 20Series

Trench Boxes & Shoring

rain sentry

ICM Manhole Rain Sentry

ICM Manhole Forms

ICM Manhole Forms

wet well forms

ICM Wet Well Forms

ICM Catch Basin & Inlet Forms

ICM Catch Basin & Inlet Forms

Office Front View

ABS Plastic Forms

Manhole Liner Forms

ICM Manhole Liner Forms